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1. Fixed tvdb TV Series scrape to get the correct series example 'Forever (2014)'
2. Fixed TV Series Wall return from Play image background bug behind the metadata
3. Fixed Media Library - System crashed when on 'Devices' page and 'Setup' selected and then 'Return'
4. Dev. will reset the Media Library filter 'Movies' 'Photos' 'Music' on Restore Default
5. Fixed - subtitle: show next whole subtitle when current subtitle is empty.
6. Fixed - Photo brightness setting '32' cant save.
7. Fixed - about.jpg: remove top status 'X' when press enter to play.
8. Updated string table: update a string 'HDD spin down' for French.

1. Fixed - auto standby functioning while the File Manager is busy moving files.
2. Fixed - Media Library: when press button HOME to quit about.jpg on USB/HDD, then try go to USB/HDD folder, will causes system crash
3. Dev- Added #1 style to yellow colour subtitle.
4. Fixed - Resume Playback on Videos in the 'EXTRAS folder'.
5. Dev - Reset subtitle sync when system boot.
6. Fixed - video setting: Component out 'YPbPr' .
7. Dev - Added support for separate Video and Picture settings.
8. Fixed - BDMV Video Play not showing folder.jpg in video Play 'Info' from JukeBox+
9. Fixed - srt subs displaying the time stamp if the contents of the time stamp is blank
10. Fixed - removed black bar flash when starting video from about.jpg 

1. Fixed - Extras folder functionality
   a. Invalid video format error
   b. If you play a video file in EXTRAS and then stop it. Now try to play another file it EXTRAS and it will not play
   c. If you have multiple video files in EXTRAS and focus on any video then it normally plays the incorrect one   
   e. If you playing a video file in EXTRAS and press the Info button it shows the 'info' from the Main Movie and not the file that is being played 
2. Added support for Movie Trailer Language - If a trailer exits in the Scrape Language then it will be used.
3.Fixed BD Menu on/off Setup Menu and F3 shortcut button on remote.
4.Fixed Movie JukeBox Navigation bug - In Movie JukeBox focus on any movie and press 'Enter' or 'Info' button and you get the about.jpg. Now use up /down Nav buttons and move to another about.jpg and then press the 'edit Button then press the 'Edit' button on the remote and it shows the incorrect movie in Edit mode.
5. Fixed TV Series return from play focus bug - If you Play a episode and press 'Stop' or 'Return' it then focuses on the incorrect episode thumbnail.
6. Updated image - The image 'IMAGE_BW_THUMB_INVALID_MOVIE_VIEW.png' is incorrect size 117 x 172 and should be should be 154 x 231
7. Added functionality for custom folder lock pin code - ie the custom pin folder will be different from the Master Pin in Setup Menu. This functionality was implemented for a special application and now available to our users.
a. Set Folder Lock to 'on' n Setup Menu
b. Copy/ make file named '.folder.locked' to the folder you want to add the custom pin to - content of the file is not read.
c. Copy/ make file named '.folder.lock.password' to the folder you want to add the custom pin to
d. Edit the file '.folder.lock.password' with Notepad++ and use any 4 digit pin ie '1111' and save
e. When this folder is opened user wil be prompted to enter the 4 digit pin code.
Example file

1.Improved Subtitle border for default #1 and #3 subs on subtitle menu outline/colour option
2. Added Play/Browse functionality on the Movie JukeBox
This is for users who have some extra video files like Extras and Behind the Scenes etc
Make a new folder inside the movie folder and name it 'EXTRAS' and place video files inside this folder. When you play the movie from the about.jpg it will open a dialogue window with options Play the Movie or Browse the EXTRAS folder
Users could also use this for Saga's / Boxsets
3. Updated text string for auto boot to Default JukeBox

1. Fixed Default Application 'JukeBox' when using a custom skin.
2. Added 'Please wait' message when loading Default Application 'JukeBox'
2. Updated French ' Jukebox par défaut'

1. Added Movie or TV Series Poster Image to 'Info' and 'Goto' in Video Play
2. Cleaned up the look of the 'info' and 'Goto' screens
3. Added Watched Indicator icon on about.jpg screen.
4. Fixed Incorrect Movie Poster focus bug when 'Returning' from about.jpg or Movie Play
5. Added new option Setup ---> System --->  Default Application ---> JukeBox 
So now you can set any JukeBox to be the default and on boot it will be auto opened
a. Enable Default Application ----> Setup ---> System --->  Default Application ---> JukeBox
b. Focus on any JukeBox on Favourite Screen and press 'Menu' button
c. Select new option ' Default JukeBox'
X3D will boot to the JukeBox you selected but note that it can only open the Jukebox once the Drive has been mounted or once the Network Share is available. I expect we can try to add a on-screen 'Please wait' message during this period